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Turkish Academy's 1st Year Anniversary

Turkish Academy is 1 year old!

Turkish Academy was founded by Ahmet Öztel on January 6th, 2021. Since January, Turkish Academy had more than 20 free Turkish language workshops and online Turkish courses. Participation in these courses and workshops helped Turkish Academy grow faster and faster with the help of word of mouth.

Turkish Academy has achieved to teach Turkish to 124 students from all over the world. Turkish Academy has also achieved to reach students from 44 different countries. Moreover, Turkish Academy had an A2.1 class in March that had students from 6 different continents. The students in that classroom were from Spain, Colombia, South Africa, New Zealand, China, Canada, Malaysia, Scotland, Russia, Greece and the Philippines.

Turkish Academy, thanks to its convenient course hours which are usually after work hours, could bring students from different time zones together. Turkish Academy also serves ex-pats who work and live in Turkey and foreign students who study in Turkey.

As the classes are online, Turkish Academy could bring lots of cultures and colors together in the same classroom. This brought a beautiful atmosphere to our classes, especially in the speaking activities.

Turkish Academy also had free online workshops for 375 Turkish learners around the world.

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