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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Turkish Academy?

Turkish Academy is an officialized Turkish teaching institution founded by Ahmet Öztel. You may read more about us in the "About Us" section.

Is there any physical institution where I can visit?

Unfortunately, Turkish Academy is an online-based academy. All the materials that we use are electronic and easy to use.

Are there any online Turkish classes?

You may find our online Turkish classes here.

How many students are there in the class?

The classroom size is between 8 and 12 students in regular classes and between 6-8 in conversational clases.

Are there any online free Turkish workshops?

Yes, we give free Turkish workshops seasonally. You may follow us on Facebook or Instagram to hear about these workshops. You may also watch our previous workshops on Youtube.

Are there private Turkish classes?

Yes, I also provide online private classes. There are two options for online classes. You may choose to have 45 minutes or 60 minutes classes. You may contact me at

Are the lectures recorded?

Yes, the lectures are recorded and uploaded on Google Drive. They are also downloadable. The students can watch the recording if they miss the class or want to revise it.

Which Internet tool is used for teaching?

Zoom is used for the lectures as it provides a good quality of screen-sharing, teaching tools, great voice and breakout rooms. You may download the program from this link ( ) on your Windows or Mac. We also use Kahoot and Testmoz for interactive and fun quizzes.

Which materials are used during the classes?

We use "Istanbul Yabancılar için Türkçe" as our main material. However, I'm working on my own Coursebook which is going to be free for all in near future. Kahoot and Youtube are another materials that we use frequently as it helps students to have fun and remember the subject.

How can I pay for my online class?

If you have a credit card that has any of these payment integrations, you may pay it through the website in your selected course.

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