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Pros & Cons of Online Learning in Turkish Language

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Even though online learning aka "e-learning" is now getting popular because of the world-wide pandemic COVID19, e-learning has been in our lives since the late 1900s. The lockdowns and "stay home" announcements of world leaders pushed people to focus on their self-improvement. The most significant focus was on learning a new language. Therefore, many language schools and institutions advertised their online classes. Having taken online classes in Spanish, I could observe the pros and cons of online learning.


1. Outreach

Turkish language is not taught all over the world. The biggest cities in the world may have institutions to teach Turkish as a foreign language, however, they are never enough for the numerous increase in the number of people who want to learn Turkish all around the world.

2. Convenience

Everyone has their own life, business and social life. People do not prefer sparing time for the things that would take so much effort to do. The efforts may vary according to the city. For instance, in İstanbul, you need to spend at least 30 minutes to reach your institution. If you commuting in a car, you are lucky, however, still have to consider the parking areas and traffic. If you commute in public transportation, a rainy or snowy day may turn your commute into a disaster which may lead to an unwillingness to participate in the next classes. With online learning, all you need is a laptop or a tablet, an internet connection and headphones.

3. Enhanced Learning

Research shows that online learning increases the depth of understanding and retention of course content. It also creates an environment for more meaningful discussions. The fact that online classes are recordable makes it a more preferable option to choose over physical education.

4. No more bad hair day

Joking aside, online learning saves you a lot of time as you don't have to choose what to wear that day. You take your classes in the clothes that you feel the most comfortable with.


1. Google Translator Tendency

Students tend to use "Google Translator" which may lead to mislearning as Google translate is not really good at translating from English to Turkish.

2. Not the best option for a computer illiterate

Online learning would be a pain in the neck for those who don't know how to use computers and tablets. Not only for the student but also for the teacher.

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