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Learn Turkish & Plant a Tree

Dear Turkish learners,

As Turkey is dealing with the wildfires recently, as Turkish Academy, we decided to plant a tree for every student that is currently studying in the institution.

We will continue to donate more saplings for each registration to our courses.

So far we have 45 saplings in our garden.

The students who have a plant(s) in Turkish Academy forest are;

Larissa Staudacher, Azka Toor, Sarah Hoderi, Sahar Hoderi, Sayma Hoderi, Dina Çetinyürür, Vesal Kuchumov, Safa Sabri, Minah Sabri, Naeem Saloojee, Domonique Kaenzig, Kara Brunson, Tarek Chaaban, Madiha Niaz, Habiba Siddiqui, Naeema Javeed Khan, Somia Zaman, Wissam Alsharif, Asiya, Sajeda Moughal, Khadija Hoderi, Anne-Celine Lalanne, Clay French, Melissa Thoner, Silviana Florez-Rincon, Bilel Kacem, Sabina Musumeci, Nada El Daouk, Gregory G, Linda Zeren, Kimiko Scipionni, Kymm Hladly, Catherine Williams, Jordan Troisi, Syhnar Lepessova, John Robertson, Marta Madina, Tina Binti, Valentina Aydemir, Kari Conte, Heather Austin, Maribel Egremy, Aleja Escuedro, Omar Khatib, Karolina Nassi.

The list will be updated once there are more donations.

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Okänd medlem
02 aug. 2021

It's very sad and unfortunate that the fire disaster happened. Lots of people suffered the resulting pain and we lost a wide green area from the Earth. But the human race knows to always rise up after every failure, and what the Turkish government and people have done and will do is remarkable.

God bless our countries, and lots of thanks and appreciation to Mr. Ahmet Öztel and the Turkish Academy. Hoping for peace for everyone.

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