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Free Turkish Language Workshops

Learn Turkish with Turkish Academy's weekly workshops! Free weekly workshops are the perfect way to learn Turkish grammar with fun.  Weekly workshops are the perfect opportunity to study a certain grammar topic or revise it. 💻👩‍🎓👨‍🎓

​Turkish Weekly Workshops Quick Look

  • 40 minutes grammar-focused Turkish lessons

  • Totally free of charge

  • Different level every week

  • Recorded and uploaded to Youtube

  • Opportunities to win free prizes (Private lesson & Gift card)
  • Cultural Insights

  • Fun environment

No events at the moment

What is Turkish Academy's online Turkish language workshop?

Turkish Academy's online Turkish language workshop is a project of weekly Turkish classes that aims to teach a specific grammar of Turkish language. The sessions are recorded and uploaded on YouTube for others to watch and learn as well. 

When are the Turkish language workshops?

The workshops are every week, on Friday at 8 pm (Türkiye time) (GMT+3). 

A1 level workshops - the first Friday of every month.

A2 level workshops - the second Friday of every month.

B1 level workshops - the third Friday of every month.

B2 level workshops - the fourth Friday of every month.

How to join free workshops?

1) Download the "Zoom" app onto your computer or tablet/mobile.

2) Choose your level and RSVP for the free Turkish workshop that you want to join.

3) Check your e-mail for the Zoom link to the free Turkish workshop.

4) Join the free online Turkish workshop and learn Turkish.

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