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Imperative for 3rd person!? Phrases for A2 level Turkish learners

"Turkish is a crazy language with crazy grammar logic. In Turkish, it is possible to command/order a person that is not even next to you."

This is how I started my blog post for the A1 phrases that had 3rd person imperative. I also mentioned that this grammar doesn't exist in other languages. However, my dear students Khadija(from Libya) and Wissam(from Lebonan) told me that there is something similar in Arabic which is formed with the "Li" prefix.

Otursun! - ليجلس - Tell him/her to sit.

You can read the first blog here.

In English, the best translation of this rule would be "Tell him/her to do that" meanwhile in Turkish, you could basically say that with the suffix "sIn" or "sInlAr" if plural.

(Sen) Buraya gel!

(O) Buraya gelsin!

(Siz) Buraya gelin!

(Onlar) Gelsinler!

After brainstorming with my students, why do we use this grammar, we found a logical answer to it. Sultans of the Ottoman Empire used to use this grammar to give an order to the people with lower status. So the helpers of Sultan would hear the order and transfer it to the ordered person.

An example of this can be seen in the first 10 seconds of this video from the Ottoman TV series "Muhteşem Yüzyıl"

This was the list for A1 level phrases.

Must know A1 level phrases/prayers

Kolay gelsin. - Let the work come easy for you. (Can be told to anyone that's working on something.

Afiyet olsun. - Let the food be healthy for you. (Can be told to anyone that's about to eat, currently eating or already done eating.

Geçmiş olsun. - Let the illness be gone off your body. (Can be told to anyone who is and has been sick or someone who had a bad experience)

Doğum günün kutlu olsun - Let your birth day be blessed. (Can be told to a birthday person)

Hayırlı olsun. - Let it be blessed for you. (Can be told to anyone who bought something new such as car, house, glasses, phone, dress etc.)

Bayramın(ız) mübarek/kutlu olsun - (Can be told to celebrate "Eid" or a national day)

Sıhhatler olsun. - Let there be health on you. (Can be told to someone who got a haircut, shave or shower to protect them from any cold wind that could easily make them sick.

Allah rahatlık versin. - May Allah/God give you rest. (Can be told to someone who is about to sleep.)

Allah razı olsun. - May Allah/God be pleased. (Can be used in the meaning of "Thank you" in a conservative way.)

Here is a list of phrases that should be known by A2 level students.

Must know A2 level phrases/prayers

Olsun. - Let it be / Let it have. (Can be used in the meaning of "Never mind".) (Can also be used while ordering food with an extra ingredient in it. "Memenen istiyorum. Soğansız olsun lütfen." - "I'd like to have menemen. Let it be without onion please." The it refers to the menemen, so you "literally" command the menemen to be without onion.

Olmasın. - Let it not be / Let it not have. (Negative of "Olsun". "Menemen istiyorum." Soğan olmasın." - "I want menemen, let it not have onion."

Sağlık olsun. - Let it be health. (Can be used to obtund the sadness of an unfortunate or unexpected failure.)

Başın sağ olsun. - Let your head be healthy. (Can be used to express condolence of passed away person. Has the meaning of "Keep your mind stronger".)

Dostlar sağ olsun. - Let close friends be healthy. (Can be used for an answer to "Başın sağ olsun.")

Allah belanı versin. - May Allah/God put you in trouble. (Can be used to curse someone.)

Allah cezanı versin. - May Allah/God punish you. (Can be used to curse someone, similiar to "Allah belanı versin.")

Allah belanı vermesin. - May Allah/God put you in trouble. (Can be used to curse someone you like.) If one of your friend scares the shit out of you after a prank, you can use this phrase.

Allah cezanı vermesin. - May Allah/God punish you. (Can be used to curse someone you like, similiar to "Allah belanı vermesin.")

Geç olsun, güç olmasın. - Let it be late, but let it not be difficult. (Can be used to take time on doing something difficult and important)

Allah bağışlasın. - May Allah/God have mercy on him/her. (Can be used after a parent mentions their child)

Must know B1 level phrases/prayers

A blog is coming soon.

Must know B2 level phrases/prayers

A blog is coming soon. Must know C1 level phrases/prayers

A blog is coming soon.

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