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Turkish Grammar

Grammar is crucial because it's how you structure what you're saying. When you're good at grammar, you can form correct sentences, understand the rules of language use, and convey your ideas clearly in Turkish. This makes it easier to communicate effectively with native speakers and participate in written and spoken discussions.

What to expect?

  • Grammar Explanations

  • Example Sentences

  • Definitions

  • Literal Translations

  • Cultural Insights

  • Daily life usage

  • From beginner to advanced

A1 level

Main grammar topics in A1 level;

Alphabet & Sounds

Word Stress

Vowel Harmony

Locative Case -DA

There is/are var/yok

Pronoun Suffixes

Present Continuous Tense -Iyor

Comitative/Instrumental Case (y)lA / ile

Ablative & Dative Case DAn & -(y)A 

Accusative Case (y)I


Past Tense DI

Future Tense AcAK


A2 level

Main grammar topics in A2 level;

Revision  of all A1 level tenses


Past Continuous Tense -Iyordu

Long Possessives

Imperative for 3rd person

Present Simple (Aorist) Tense -Ar -Ir -r 

Before & After + Verb 

Obligation malı/meli

Necessity lazım & gerek

Can & Can't -Abil

Past Tense -mIş
Reported Speech


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